1926-1949 Woodin Cup for Maidstone Club Invitation Ladies’ Singles Challenge Tournament

The Maidstone Club Invitation Tournament for the Woodin Cup was an important tennis tournament for women in the leadup to the U.S. National Championships from 1926 to 1955. The tournament itself saw the best female players at the time compete, with the likes of Helen Wills, Helen Hull Jacobs, Alice Marble, Sarah Palfrey Cook, and Shirley Fry winning the title. Louise Brough retired the trophy after winning the title three times in four years.

During a time where men and women did not receive equal awards for their victories, the Woodin Cup, a gold trophy, held significant value. This trophy, along with its partner for the women’s doubles event (also in our collection), are believed to the be the only solid gold tennis trophies in existence.

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